Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley

September 9th 2014

As Russells Hall Hospital has been our client since 2007 and has had a maintenance contract with us for that entire period we often liaise with the head of midwifery in relation to any ongoing issues they may be having. One of the issues they had was a complication with the entire maternity unit and neonatal unit being designated as a single "zone". 

In order to rectify this Active Tagging has split the existing control panel into two "zones" and installed additional RFID readers so that the maternity unit is now one zone and neonatal is their own separate zone. In doing this patients creating alarms in the neonatal zone are no longer visible in the maternity area, but are still secure within their own designated area. In order to move between the zones staff must now choose the "transfer" function within the software to safely move the tag between wards.

This work has been completed as part of our ongoing maintenance contract with the hospital.