Riyadh Al Kharj Military Hospital, Saudi Arabia

January 10th 2015

Active Tagging originally installed the Mother and Baby matching system into Riyadh Al Kharj Military Hospital, Saudi Arabia, in 2011. With the system covering 8 floors of the hospital.

As the system has been installed for over 4 years, Active Tagging decided to upgrade the site to our newest software version and also give the site a thorough check through. 

The Mother and Baby pairing system allows staff to match a baby/babies to their mother in order to reduce the likelihood of the wrong baby being given to the wrong mother. This system was developed to help countries where the baby and mother are not kept together throughout their stay within the hospital. An audible and visual acknowledgement is given when the correct baby is brought to it's mother. An alarm is sounded should the incorrect baby be brought to the incorrect mother.