XTAG Medical


XTAG installation


The XTAG installation is simple, unobtrusive, easy to install and requires minimal interference with the ward infrastructure; wards can operate without interruption during the installation process.

XTAG maintenance


We have a dedicated support team for your training, software, and hardware enquiries, and our engineers are on 24/7 call to assist. We have flexible annual service and maintenance packages, which are designed for your specific needs.

XTAG monitoring


The software tracks every movement of live tags on the system - down to the second. This includes all alarm events, the username of the staff member who made any changes to a patient's information (including clearing alarms), and the historical information for each tag number; all of which are accessible in a few clicks. Reports can be exported for management and auditing purposes.


We understand that perpetual customer satisfaction is an inherent component of our success. That's why we spend time getting to know our customers, fully understanding their requirements, and creating bespoke solutions. Every member of our team has the skills, resources and attitude to provide informed, consistent and effective, service solutions. We strive to continuously to develop our systems and procedures and to create a professional, quality led, customer service culture.

We offer a fully comprehensive range of maintenance and monitoring services for our XTAG Baby Tagging System.

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