XTAG Medical

The XTAG Intelligence Solution is a safe, wireless system that can be easily adapted to multiple environments, and quickly and easily installed.

RFID enabled - XTAG Baby Tags transmit extremely low-powered radio signals (<20dBm) 2.5 micro watts (a fraction of the power of a mobile phone signal).

The tagging hardware can be linked with a centralised access control system and CCTV to improve security.

Software provides ‘in the moment’ list of wearers and logs event times, dates and actions.

XTAG transceivers situated in safe zones and key exits are easily adjusted to suit changes in the environment or protocols.


Benefits of XTAG


Benefits of XTAG


Benefits of XTAG


Benefits of XTAG


Benefits of XTAG


Benefits of XTAG


Benefits of XTAG


Benefits of XTAG


Benefits of XTAG



XTAG user
  • How much will it cost?

    Our consultants will arrange to visit you, understand your specific requirements to provide a system design and a quotation for installation and maintenance.

  • How expensive are the tags and straps?

    Our tag and strap costs are competitively priced and will be included in your quotation.

  • Will installation disrupt the ward?

    The XTAG installation is simple, unobtrusive and easy. There is minimal interference on the ward, which can operate as normal throughout the process.


  • What happens if staff have a problem with the system at 3 am on a Sunday, for example?

    We have a dedicated support team for your training, software and hardware needs. Our emergency help number is on the Touch Screen, and our engineers are on call 24/7.

  • What about maintenance?

    There are three options for annual service and maintenance packages which our team will explain to you. For consumables and replacements, you will be provided with order details during the installation process. The turnaround for an order depends on the items ordered. For consumables (Tags and Strap), typically we will dispatch within five working days.


  • How long does a tag last?

    Tags are a small consumable device and must endure many difficult situations but will typically last 1.5 to 3 years depending on their duty cycle. A tag with a low battery notifies the system, and after it is discharged the system will not allow it to be re-used. These tags are then sent to XTAG for disposal.

  • “Are the tags harmful to the patients?”

    No, the tags are made of plastic with smooth edges and are hypo-allergenic. The RFID transmissions are extremely low (much lower than a mobile phone for instance) and cause no discomfort.

  • Are the tags water resistant? / “Can you bathe a patient with the tag on?”

    Yes, the tags are water resistant, and you can bathe patients in water still wearing the tags. To keep them in tip-top shape, we recommend you do not submerge the tags for long periods of time, just as with any other electronic device.

  • How are tags cleaned after discharge?

    We recommend alcohol wipes or equivalent. If a tag becomes soiled, it can be scrubbed with a small brush and a generic sterilising solution.


  • What happens if a baby loses weight and the tag falls off the leg?

    The tags have a unique skin sensor which detects if the tag is in contact with the baby’s skin. If not, then a Tag Off alert is sent to the Touch Screens so that staff can refit and tighten the tag.

  • What happens if the tag strap is deliberately cut?

    A cut tag will result in a TAMPER alarm which will usually lock down all ward doors, display the alarm and zone location on the Touch Screens, and trigger sounder/beacons as per the agreed cause and effect.

  • What if a baby needs to be transferred outside of the ward for treatment or tests?

    The staff selects the Off Watch orTransfer button using the touch screen and selects the estimated time baby will be off the ward. The tag will then reactivate automatically once back on the ward and ‘On Watch but will alarm if the tagged baby is not back on the ward at the expected time. Tags must be removed for MRI screening.

  • What happens if someone takes a baby and tailgates through an exit door?

    The system is designed to detect an active tag at loitering distance from the exit door, and will then trigger the magnetic lock system to keep the door shut. Tailgating this door will trigger an Exit Alarm and may lock down secondary doors, stairwell doors, and lifts, as specified in our bespoke design for your unit.


  • “How do we train staff once the system is up and running?”

    Once the site is installed, we can provide onsite training to staff members who will use the system. We recommend training for supervisory staff, or ‘Super Users', who can then conduct ongoing training to new staff. Teams find it very easy to use, so training often takes as little as 15 minutes. You will receive an infographic pack of processes like cleaning tags, removing strap, or fitting a tag.


  • “Can our security team keep an eye on the system through their external offices?”

    Yes, we can set up a “view only” PC in the security office that will alarm and alert security, just as it would the staff on the ward.

  • “What types of reporting can your system do?”

    The system tracks every movement of live tags on the system down to a second; this includes all alarm events, the username of the staff member who made any changes to a patient's information (including clearing alarms), and the historical information for each tag number, all of which are accessible in a few clicks. Reports can be exported for management and auditing purposes.