3rd September 2018

Bluelinea and Xtag Medical: Six Months Update

Thanks to the innovative offers and abilities to understand the needs of institutions, the partnership between Bluelinea and Xtag Medical has been productive. Bluelinea has secured multiple contracts in the first six months of its distribution licence with Xtag Medical.

The Bluelinea team, fully trained and licenced by Xtag Medical, has secured these contracts:

  • Bordeaux North Hospital
  • Hospital Luxembourg
  • CHR de Metz
  • Mantes la Jolie Hospital
  • CH de Mimes
  • Aix en Provence
  • Wallerstein
  • Dunkirk

Three of these systems are already live and Blueline has also begun installing the other projects.  

Gaëtan Bourrée (Responsable Pôle Etablissements) said “The first six months have been incredibly successful with many enquiries from the Xtag Medical infant security system. We are now looking at twelve to fifteen projects within the first twelve months of becoming partners”

Thanks to its technological expertise in the protection of fragile and dependent people, Bluelinea can offer valuable solutions to individuals and health facilities through its partnership with Xtag Medical. 

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