16th October 2017

Great Western goes the extra mile!

Great Western goes the extra mile to give mother’s peace of mind with infant tagging.
October 2017

Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, is one of the biggest providers in England’s South West, with over 2.5 million patient contacts per year. The hospital’s maternity services have been assessed by the Care Quality Commission as ‘having the highest standards in Ante Natal care.’

‘The safety and security of the mothers and babies in our care are the cornerstone of our practice and XTAG gives both mothers and staff peace of mind,’ says Kathryn Owen (Interim Clinical Midwifery Manager).

The XTAG Intelligent Infant Security Solution has been active in the maternity unit since 2002 and recent upgrades mean that the White Horse Birth Centre, Delivery Ward, Hazel Ward and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) are all covered. A RFID tag placed on the baby’s wrist connects to a central control station which alerts the staff if a tag is tampered with, if the baby is in an unauthorised area or close to an exit.

With more than 5,000 deliveries annually, the maternity unit is a busy environment so only the most reliable support will do. Kathryn goes on to say that ‘the team from Active Tagging have gone above and beyond to ensure that it [the system] runs as smoothly as possible.’

Great Western goes the extra mile
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