17th May 2017

Innovation and Excellence Awards

Innovation and Excellence Awards XTag best in field – Mother & Baby Protection
Active Tagging’s, XTag Baby Monitoring System won the Corporate High Wire Award for Innovation in Child Safety, in 2017

The XTag Intelligence Solution has been providing patient and asset safety and security solutions, to the medical sector since 2002, and today, is the UK’s market leader in medical related tagging solutions.

The Innovation & Excellence Awards gives recognition to businesses that are transforming their respective industries and are the standard-bearers of excellence by continually setting industry trends, as well as showing significant advances in terms of innovation and improvement.

Corporate Live Wire noted “XTag is a versatile, secure and simple solution to baby monitoring. Large maternity wards, busy staffing rotas, and relaxed visiting hours increase security risks. The XTag Baby Monitoring System greatly reduces abduction risk. It is simple to use and allows staff to monitor the whole ward accurately and efficiently”. They went on to say “we were impressed that XTag can also provide protection against theft of expensive equipment and assets, allowing staff to focus on the people in their care”.

The Awards programme is sponsored by the International Business Innovation Association.

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