XTAG Medical is honoured to support our amazing NHS

7 April 2021

Join the new era of security technology!

Join the new era of security technology with the UK’s market leaders! 

It’s no coincidence that two of the biggest NHS new-build projects in recent times (Midlands Metropolitan Hospital and The Grange University Hospital) have chosen Xtag Medical’s baby and vulnerable patient tagging solution as part of their hospital security system. This technology is here and it’s one of the most secure ways to protect your hospital’s most vulnerable patients. 

Xtag-protected hospitals enjoy the many security features of our system, including location tracking, local exit lockdowns, tamper and tag off alerts and interface to access control and CCTV ensuring peace of mind for ward patient safety managers. We absorb as much of your security responsibility as possible, from planning and commissioning, to running and maintaining. Our maintenance team continuously monitor the status of your Xtag system 24/7, allowing us to take care of your system remotely.  

The journey from initial quote to your first tagged patient couldn’t be easier; Ask your estates to send us your floor plans and we’ll handle the rest.  

To receive a quote for our state-of-the-art RFID baby tagging system, simply send your floor plans to sales@xtag.co.uk or book a virtual demo on our website: www.xtag.co.uk

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