18th February 2018

XTAG are celebrating

XTAG are celebrating
February 2018

Exciting Times for the UK’s City of Culture.

XTAG are celebrating with Coventry, which in December was awarded the UK City of Culture 2021. The scheme began in 2013, making Coventry the third title holder of the quadrennial.

December too bought XTAG and Coventry together as we were awarded the tender for the installation of the XTAG Baby Tagging System in University Hospital Coventry’s Maternity Ward.

Coventry is the ninth largest city in the UK, with a population of over 345 thousand people – and growing! Its population is expected to rise by 2.67%, so there are lots more babies in the making. With this in mind, The University Hospital’s Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust have partnered with XTAG for the installation of the Patient Tagging Solution.

XTAG are celebrating
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