7th February 2019

Xtag Medical go live with their baby tagging system at Liverpool Women’s Hospital

Midwifery and nursing staff have scored the training and general use of the system as excellent.

Matt O’Neill, Safeguarding Service Manager and Trust Prevent Lead has said – “ Xtag Medical has A comprehensive and robust service that ensures the best client experience, we are relatively early in our relationship however the dedication and passion showed by X-Tag Medical has been exemplary. Special mention to their problem solving ability when moulding the most effective solution to a tricky hospital design”

The system is used from the point of birth in Delivery and Delivery Theatres and then simply transferred to the appropriate ward via the transfer and auto accept function: Postnatal Wards, Neonatal, NICU, SCBU or MLU.

Xtag medical pride themselves on aftercare and support and constantly monitor the system remotely 24/7 365 to maintain the highest level of integrity to the system.

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