Maternity Abduction Risk Bulletin (MARB)

The Maternity Abduction Risk Bulletin is a closed group for NHS professionals in senior roles to contribute information and receive updates about potential risks and incidents surrounding infant abduction.

The objective of the group is to raise awareness and alert hospitals/Trusts about abduction threats and
suspicious activities reported by senior NHS professionals in maternity hospitals throughout the UK.

All contributions to the group are anonymised to protect the reputation of the hospitals involved. The sole purpose of the bulletin is to share relevant information with other hospitals and Trusts in order for them to become more vigilant to risks they may not have previously encountered.


Join the group

Submit your application and wait for Xtag Medical to confirm your entry to the group.


Contribute updates

Contribute anonymous updates about incidents and suspicious activity for other Trusts to see.


Receive updates

Receive updates about incidents and suspicious activity from other hospitals and Trusts.

Application Process

If you would like to join the group, to both receive information and contribute to the bulletin, please complete the request form below.

Please note, you do not have to be an Xtag Medical customer to access the group. Applications are welcome from all senior members of staff in Maternity, Security, Patient Safety, Safeguarding and other relevant senior roles within the NHS.

All applicants are subject to an authentication process before being granted access to the group.

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