Maternity Abduction Risk Bulletin (MARB)

The Maternity Abduction Risk Bulletin (MARB) is a closed group for NHS professionals in senior roles to contribute and receive information about potential risks and incidents surrounding infant abduction.

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The objective of the group is to raise awareness and increase vigilance for NHS Trusts by sharing information about abduction risks and suspicious activities that have been reported by senior NHS professionals from across the UK.

All contributions are anonymised to protect the reputation of the people and the hospital involved. Only the information about your encounter will be distributed to other members of the group.


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Contribute updates about incidents and suspicious activity for other Trusts to see.


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Receive updates about incidents and suspicious activity from other hospitals and Trusts.

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You do not have to be an Xtag Medical customer to join the group, the group is open to all senior NHS professionals in maternity, security, safeguarding, patient safety and other relevant roles. To apply for the group, please complete our member application form below.

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