RTLS Asset Tracking for Hospitals

RTLS Asset Tracking for Hospitals

Leading Real Time Location System for NHS hospitals and Trusts, improving productivity, sustainability and operational efficiency.

What is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking provides real-time location tracking of medical equipment. Hospital staff can view the location of available medical assets such as infusion pumps, beds, wheelchairs and monitors.

This creates value for hospitals by reducing the amount of time it takes for staff to access medical equipment in a busy hospital environment.

Asset management is also used to increase security and improve management of valuable medical assets.

Empty Hospital Bed

Asset Management

Effective use of asset tracking enables the complete management of medical equipment, improving efficiency and driving decision-making processes that reduce capital expenditure.

Key Benefits:

Operational Performance: Allows staff to easily locate available medical equipment.

Cost Saving: Utilise the power of data to effectively manage the use of medical equipment. Staff can view the frequency that medical equipment is being used, helping to improve purchasing decisions by removing un-used equipment and replacing them with in-demand ones.

Maintenance Dates: Staff can view important dates regarding medical equipment with on screen reminders of when an inspection or maintenance is due.


Asset tracking secures valuable medical assets, preventing them from being removed from the ward without authorisation.

• Receive alerts on the security status of medical assets.

• Can be used to manage on-site / off-site usage of medical assets.

• Improves patient safety by enhancing the overall security of the hospital.

Nurse Using Xtag Monitor to Locate Available Medical Equipment

Hardware Features

Motion Sensing Technology: Motion sensors detect when an asset is on the move and acknowledges it's location status in real-time.

Touchscreen Monitor: Touchscreen administration point for complete asset management on a single dashboard.

Near Exit Alerts: Alerts when an active asset is close to an exit door.

Exit Alarm: Alarms when an active asset has passed an exit door without authorisation.

Software Features

Location Tracking: Site wide asset location tracking defined by nearest reader location.

Asset Grouping: Hospital decides which assets to tag and can group assets for quick access.

Search Function: Quick search function for product description, asset serial number or tag number.

Off Watch Function: Allows users to give authorisation of asset movement off site.

Password Protection: Layered password protection options on system administration.

Maintenance Function: Highlights upcoming maintenance and inspection dates.

Key Benefits

Improves productivity and operational performance.

Saves Time: Vastly reduces the amount of hours hospital staff spend locating available devices and the amount of time it takes to update inventory records and conduct audits.

Reduces Capital Expenditure: Lower operating costs with effective management of equipment, generating a positive ROI overtime.

Long Life: Low cost and long-lasting with up to seven years battery life.

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