We are proud to work with Bluelinea as our partner, distributing Xtag baby protection systems in France. Today, more than 700 institutions (maternity and EHPAD) use Bluelinea solutions and their work in Xtag infant protection systems include 12 new hospital contracts.

Bluelinea’s Expertise

Infant security is a key driver of every hospital and regulators want hospitals to be proactive in all areas of care. Bluelinea use Xtag to differentiate itself from a strong competition and support innovative solutions for infant security. Bluelinea’s installation and training support is comprehensive and ongoing customer service includes maintenance and updates. In partnership with Bluelinea, the new technological solutions developed by Xtag for its baby tagging system sets a new standard for infant protection.

Bluelinea’s expertise and customer support means that the technology has been installed in partnership with best practice security protocols and professional guidance. This has made the Xtag baby tagging solution, delivered by Bluelinea in France, a comprehensive infant security package. The success of the Xtag baby tagging technology has redefined security infant protection in France.

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