Baby Tagging

Baby Tagging

Prevents the rising risk of infant abduction in hospital maternity wards, providing peace of mind for families and midwives by ensuring a safe environment for vulnerable babies.

What is Baby Tagging?

Essential in the modern day hospital, electronic baby tagging systems are used by maternity wards around the world to protect vulnerable new-borns from the risk of abduction.

Although abduction attempts are rare, they are on the rise and occur due to a number of reasons including drug and alcohol abuse, psychological disorders, custodial issues and ransom endeavours.

The physical and emotional implications an abduction can have on families, midwives and the hospital it takes place in are substantial, making the risk of an abduction a serious concern for hospitals.

Our baby tagging systems are used to protect thousands of new-born babies across the world, every day.

If you haven't already, I suggest you watch our video above! It explains the entire Xtag Medical process for hospital maternity wards.

How Does Baby Tagging Work?

Babies are tagged in their first hours of life and are given a unique ID ready for midwives to monitor the location and safety status of babies throughout the day.

When there is a threat to a babies safety, midwives are alerted and can respond accordingly.

Alarms & Alerts

Exit Alarm – Occurs when a tag approaches an open exit. This can be linked to CCTV and access control.

Loiter Alert – Occurs when a tag approaches a closed exit. The door or elevator will automatically lock.

Tag Off Alarm – Occurs when a tag is removed from the baby without cutting the strap. An alert is sent to the nurse station and/or Security PC.

Lost Signal Alarm – Occurs if the tag is not seen by the system for a few seconds.  Local exit doors will automatically lock.

Tamper Alarm – Occurs if the strap is cut from the tag without the baby being  discharged from the system. Local exit doors will automatically lock.

Example Floor Plans of Maternity Ward Covered by Xtag Security Systems

The Baby Tags

Our baby tags are both practical and reliable so that midwives can focus on what they do best - caring for patients.

  • Comfortable: Small, light and round in shape for a comfortable fit on a baby's ankle.
  • Safe: No sharp edges and extremely durable material.
  • Easy Clean: Easy to clean and sterilise, ready for re-use.
  • Water Resistant: IP67 Water Resistant, so there is no need to remove the tags for bathing.
  • Long Lasting: Up to three-year battery life.
Xtag Secure on a Baby's Ankle

The Xtag Monitor

Midwives can supervise the activity of patients, manage alerts and control alarms on a single dashboard with the Xtag Monitor.

  • Touchscreen: Responsive touchscreen monitor.
  • Friendly User Interface: Clean and simple user-interface makes the monitor easy to learn and operate.
  • Unique Access: Password protected with separate supervisor access.
  • Off Watch Transfer Function: Enables quick transfer of patients between wards.
  • Analytics: Downloadable audit trail and proof of tagging.


We Provide full training at launch for management and midwifery staff across shift patterns and provide ongoing repeater training for new and existing staff whenever needed. Our aftercare and support process is paramount to our services, ensuring hospitals receive the highest quality care all year round.

Baby Tagging Training with Midwives


Our baby tagging systems seamlessly integrate with existing security infrastructure within the hospital including, CCTV cameras, access control and elevators which can be managed by both midwifery and hospital security staff members.

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Commitment to Training and Aftercare.

We believe that our customer care is our greatest asset, ensuring hospitals receive high quality training, assistance and 24/7 technical support.

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