Baby Tagging

Baby Tagging

Prevents the rising risk of infant abduction in hospital maternity wards, providing peace of mind for families and midwives by ensuring a safe environment for vulnerable babies.

What is Baby Tagging?

Essential in the modern day hospital, electronic baby tagging systems are used by maternity wards around the world to protect vulnerable new-borns from the risk of abduction.

Although abduction attempts are rare, they are on the rise and occur due to a number of reasons including drug and alcohol abuse, psychological disorders, custodial issues and ransom endeavours.

The physical and emotional implications a successful abduction can have on families and midwives are substantial and the negative public publicity that evolves as a result can cause irreversible damage to the hospital’s image and reputation, making abduction prevention a key priority for NHS trusts and hospitals worldwide.

Our baby tagging systems are used to protect thousands of new-born babies across the world, every day.

If you haven't already, I suggest you watch our video above! It explains the entire Xtag Medical process for hospital maternity wards.

Abduction Prevention

Safeguarding over 300,000 new-borns in over 60 NHS trusts annually, our baby tagging security systems are the UK's primary abduction prevention solution. They're prioritised for their affordability, ease of use and long-term reliability in fast-paced postnatal environments.

Mother and Baby in Hospital Maternity Ward

XTM6™ Baby Tagging is an abduction prevention system that watches over new-borns 24/7 - using the industry’s most advanced patient protection technology. They are recommended by external regulators and healthcare associations as they form part of an effective safeguarding policy.

XTM6™ Baby Tag Secure on a Baby's Ankle

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