Wander Management for Healthcare

Wander Management for Healthcare

Respectful safeguarding of vulnerable adults in care facilities with secure monitoring of patients affected by Dementia, Alzheimer's and other brain related disabilities.

What is Wander Management?

Wander management systems are used by care facilities housing vulnerable Dementia and Alzheimer residents.

Wandering is common with Alzheimer and Dementia sufferers and can occur in the early stages. The systems are used to ensure vulnerable adults are protected from the risk of getting lost or entering potentially dangerous situations.

They enable patients to roam freely in care and assisted living homes, while remaining safe within the boundaries of the facility.

Carer and Patient in a Senior Living Home

How Does it Work?

Readers are installed around the perimeter of the care facility and residents are provided a small, light and comfortable Xtag for placement around the wrist.

In indoor environments, when a resident wanders through an unauthorised exit door, an alarm will trigger, alerting staff so they can react accordingly. In outdoor environments, the system allows residents to roam freely within a safe radius around the care facility.


The Xtag Monitor is the administration point for staff. The touchscreen monitor enables staff to add residents onto the dashboard where they can monitor their safety status throughout the day.

Location Status: See the location status of tagged residents.

'Tamper Alert': When a tag is being tampered with, staff will be alerted on the monitor.

'Tag Off Alarm': When a tag has been removed, staff will be sent an alert to the monitor and an alarm will trigger.

'Exit Alarm': When a resident has exited the facility through an unauthorised exit door.

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