Award winning security solutions for healthcare.

Xtag Medical is the UK's leading supplier of baby tagging security systems, protecting over 300,000 new-borns in over 60 NHS Trusts, annually.

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About us

Experts in Patient Safety & Asset Management

Xtag Medical design, manufacture and install essential security systems for healthcare facilities, empowering a safe environment for patients and caregivers.

About Us
Why Us

NHS Approved Suppliers

We're part of a number of NHS procurement frameworks including the NHS SBS and NOE CPC agreements as a trusted supplier of baby tagging systems.

Our services


Safeguarding solutions for maternity departments, care facilities and tracking of valuable medical assets.

Baby Tagging

Baby Tagging

Prevents the rising risk of infant abduction in hospital maternity wards, providing peace of mind for families and midwives by ensuring a safe environment for vulnerable babies.

Wander Management

Wander Management

Respectful safeguarding of vulnerable adults in care facilities with secure monitoring of patients affected by Dementia, Alzheimer's and other brain related disabilities.

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Effective management and security of valuable medical assets with real time location tracking of equipment to improve productivity and operational performance.


Commitment to Training and Aftercare.

We believe that customer care is our greatest asset, ensuring hospitals receive high quality training, assistance and 24/7 technical support.