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About us

Xtag Medical

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Xtag Medical design, manufacture, install and support bespoke Patient Protection and Asset Tracking security solutions for the healthcare sector.

Speciality: Baby Tagging (Infant Abduction Prevention), Wander Management for ‘At Risk’ patients (Dementia, Alzheimer’s, head injuries) and Asset Tracking, ensuring essential equipment is maintained, calibrated and accessible. 

For over 20 years, Xtag Medical have built fantastic, long-lasting relationships with hospitals across the United Kingdom and worldwide, winning multiple awards in patient safety along the way. We’re a team of passionate professionals who are dedicated to providing safe, productive, and sustainable environments for patients and staff. 

Essential in modern day healthcare, our solutions are prioritised across the globe for their affordability, ease of use, flexibility, and long-term reliability in fast-paced patient environments. Nationally, we’re proud to be known as the UK/NHS primary supplier of baby tagging security systems, securing over 300,000 new-borns in over 60 NHS trusts annually. 

As a truly environmentally conscious organisation, Xtag Medical are committed to meeting NHS net zero supplier targets by 2045 and we are passionate about providing exceptional, 24/7 customer care, supported by a range of friendly technicians based in the United Kingdom who work alongside the NHS on a daily basis.

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