Frequently Asked Questions

Are installations and training visits still going ahead (Covid-19)?

Installations and site visits are now operating as normal with strict cleanliness and hygiene systems in place.

How much does an Xtag Medical system cost?

Prices vary depending on the scale and infrastructure of the building they are installed in. Using floor plans, we tailor each quote to suit the unique requirements of each facility.

Will the installation disrupt the flow of the hopsital?

We install the system quietly, with minimal impact and without access to private medical rooms. This ensures that the hospital can continue to operate during the installation and is fully risk assessed by our team.

Are tags harmful for babies and adults?

Our tags are safe for babies and adults. They use extremely low power radio signals (approximately 2.5 micro-watts) compared to an average mobile phone (approximately 2,000,000 micro-watts).

How do I obtain my facilities floor plans?

Usually the estates department will have the hospitals floor plans, but you could also ask security and the building contractors for them too.

Are baby tagging systems welcomed by the CQC?

Baby tagging systems play an essential role in the safeguarding of vulnerable new-borns. They are widely welcomed by the CQC and families as they help to increase maternity ward safety.