NHS Frameworks

NHS SBS/ NOE CPC Frameworks

Xtag Medical are approved suppliers of baby tagging systems for the NHS Shared Business Services NHS SBS and the North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative NOE CPC.

NHS Shared Business Services is a provider of procurement services to the NHS and other public sector organisations. NOE CPC provides collaborative and bespoke procurement solutions to the NHS and other public sector organisations in the North of England.

The NHS manage £1 Billion of spend annually through framework agreements with savings of c.15%. Frameworks are designed to ensure ease of access during the procurement stage and competitive pricing from trusted suppliers.

Our Agreement

As an NHS approved supplier, we work with a range of providers to offer our solutions under the frameworks. Contact us for guidance with NHS SBS and NOE CPC.

NHS SBS Framework Organiser: NHS Shared Business Services (SBS). Direct Award available.

Framework: Link: Solutions IT Framework (NHS/16/CR/WAB/8723). 

NOE CPC Framework Organiser: NOE Commercial Procurement Collaborative (CPC), and NHS Shared Business Services(SBS).

Framework: NOE CPC Link 2: IT Hardware & Services Framework (SBS/16/PC/WAD/9023)