Managing and securing maternity equipment is a critical aspect for any NHS Trust that provides comprehensive care for expectant mothers. Maternity equipment, such as foetal monitors, breast pumps, and birthing beds, are essential for ensuring the health and comfort of both the mother and the new-born.

However, keeping track of these valuable assets can be challenging without an efficient system in place. This is where asset tracking by Xtag Medical comes into play. In this article, we will explore five benefits of asset tracking for locating and securing maternity equipment.

1. Enhanced Equipment Visibility

One of the primary advantages of asset tracking in maternity units is improved equipment visibility. Our asset tracking system utilises active RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology to accurately locate and identify equipment.

By tagging each piece of maternity equipment with a unique identifier, midwives can easily track and monitor the whereabouts of their assets. This increased visibility ensures that the equipment is readily available when needed, reducing downtime and improving overall operational efficiency.

2. Optimal Equipment Utilisation

Asset tracking enables the utilisation of maternity equipment. By having real-time information about the availability and location of each asset, staff can quickly identify equipment that is not being utilised efficiently.

This data-driven approach allows for better resource allocation, reducing unnecessary purchases and ensuring that the equipment is effectively distributed across different units or departments as per demand. As a result, NHS Trusts can save costs while maximising the utilisation of their existing assets.

3. Prevents Loss and Theft

Maternity equipment can be prone to loss or theft within a busy healthcare environment, and some essential assets are very small, such as drug cabinet keys and stethoscopes which can often be misplaced or accidentally taken away from the unit. Asset tracking plays a crucial role in preventing such incidents.

With our integrated alarm system, healthcare facilities can monitor the movement of equipment and get real-time alerts in case of any anomalies, such as an asset loitering near an exit door or one that has been removed from the ward. This enables midwives and security staff to quickly identify issues, aiding a swift recovery in the event of theft, loss or misplaced equipment. This reduces financial loses, improves maternity unit security and ensures the availability of essential equipment at all times.

4. Maintenance and Repair Management

Regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential for keeping valuable maternity equipment in optimal working condition. Our asset tracking system can help streamline maintenance processes by providing automated reminders for routine inspections, service schedules, and calibration requirements.

By having access to detailed maintenance records and usage data, you can can proactively identify equipment that requires repair or replacement, ensuring that all equipment remains in excellent working order. This proactive approach minimises equipment downtime and helps prevent potential disruptions in patient care.

5. Improved Regulatory Compliance

Maternity services providers must adhere to strict regulatory standards and guidelines. Asset tracking systems assist in meeting compliance requirements related to the use and maintenance of maternity equipment. By accurately documenting the usage, maintenance history, and location of each asset, healthcare providers can generate comprehensive reports and audits as necessary.

This ensures that facilities can easily demonstrate compliance during inspections or audits, thereby avoiding penalties and maintaining their reputation as a trusted healthcare provider.


Our Asset Tracking system offers several benefits for locating and securing maternity equipment in healthcare facilities. By enhancing equipment visibility, optimising utilisation, preventing loss and theft, managing maintenance and repairs, and improving regulatory compliance, asset tracking plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of maternity units.

Implementing an efficient asset tracking system not only helps save costs but also enhances patient care by ensuring the availability of essential equipment when needed. Maternity units can harness the power of asset tracking to streamline operations, enhance security, and deliver the highest level of care to expectant mothers and their new-borns.