XTM6-868™ Asset Tags provide accurate, low-cost real time location tracking and security of valuable medical assets. Asset tracking enables complete asset management to improve operational efficiency and prevents the risk of high-value assets from being lost or stolen.

XTM6-868™ Asset Tag


• Secures valuable medical equipment from the risk of theft and getting lost.

• Saves valuable time by reducing how long it takes for staff to locate available medical equipment.

• Reduces capital expenditure with effective management of medical assets, generating a positive ROI over time.

• Effective management of assets contributes to a more sustainable and efficient use of resources.

• Low cost and long-lasting solution to asset tracking with up to seven years battery life.

• Can be used to manage on-site/off-site usage of medical assets.

• Improves patient safety by enhancing the overall security of the hospital, protecting patients.

New features to help improve carbon footprint coming soon.

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