It is essential baby tagging security systems are in operation 24/7 and without unnecessary disruption or downtime to prevent the risk of an abduction. In order to provide the greatest level of protection for new-borns at all times, our systems are powered by a highly secure Local Area Network (LAN) structure powered by a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Why do we use a LAN network to protect new-borns?

LAN provides a reliable, private and secure network that is completely separate from the hospitals WIFI network structure. One of the main advantages of a LAN network is that they are more secure than WIFI networks because data is stored on a local server (typically within the hospital’s riser/node room).

Wired using CAT6 ethernet cable, they’re also faster and more reliable over greater distances (beneficial for large-scale maternity wards) than WIFI networks, ensuring our systems operate efficiently and with high-speed connectivity.

Another benefit of a LAN network is that they enable remote dial-in support. This means that if a hospital requires assistance, Xtag Medical technicians can dial-in to the system and diagnose any issues without unnecessary downtime.

Why do we avoid WIFI networks?

Although WIFI has it’s benefits, a LAN network infrastructure delivers superior reliability and security - essential for the safeguarding of vulnerable new-borns.

The main downsides to WIFI is that they provide limited range and can encounter signal interferences. This weakens the WIFI’s signal when transferred through obstacles such as walls, ultimately reducing network speed and reliability. WIFI networks are also more vulnerable to security breaches.


Infant protection requires a reliable, fast and secure network that has minimal maintenance and downtime in order to provide the greatest level of security for new-borns. We use a LAN network because:

·  LAN provides a faster and more reliable connection than WIFI.

·  LAN networks are private and data is stored locally, providing a more secure network than WIFI.

·  Enables Xtag Medical technicians to dial-in remotely and diagnose any issues without unnecessary downtime.


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