The maternity services at the Great Western Hospital, part of the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are amongst the best in the country.

The hospital has been assessed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) since 2009 and is recognised by the regulators as having high standards of antenatal care, safety and security.

The Trust work hard to ensure maternity patients receive the safest level of protection. With the safety of maternity patients being an extremely important aspect of day-to-day care, the Trust assure the highest-quality security measures are in place at all times.

The maternity department operates a secure intercom system and midwives apply daily use of an electronic baby tagging system (supplied by Xtag Medical) in the Hazel Ward and Delivery Suite.

The use of an intercom system allows secure monitoring of people entering the unit. This way, people who are authorised to enter the ward can easily get in, but it keeps out anyone who isn’t supposed to be there.

The use of a baby tagging system provides an additional layer of security, and is used alongside the intercom system to provide maximum protection from the risk of abduction.

The baby tagging system integrates with exit doors and CCTV systems to provide an automated response to an abduction attempt, and thus prevents an abductor from exiting the ward.

The added layers of security provide additional peace of mind for parents and families, and is one of the many reasons they choose to give birth with the hospital's exceptional midwifery staff.

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