On average, 24 babies are born every day (8,760 per year) in the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, making it one of the largest single site maternity hospitals in Europe.

They are the hospital of choice for thousands of expectant mothers due to the high-quality care, exceptional midwifery services and leading security infrastructure.

With infant security being a key priority in a busy maternity environment, the hospital's highly-skilled midwives use Xtag Medical’s Baby Tagging System daily to protect new-borns in the post-natal care unit.

“Xtag have given us a comprehensive and robust service that ensures the best client experience. The dedication and passion shown by Xtag Medical has been exemplary. Special mention should be made of their problem-solving ability when moulding the most effective solution to a tricky hospital design."

Widely welcomed by mothers giving birth at the hospital, the system enhances maternity ward security and ensures new-borns receive the highest level of protection from the risk of abduction.

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