We're delighted to announce that we are installing our Baby Tagging Security System in Whittington Hospital, part of the Whittington Health NHS Trust.

Whittington birth over 4,300 babies every year with local women from Haringey, Islington and other London boroughs who travel to have their baby in the care of the fantastic midwives at the hospital.

The introduction of an electronic abduction prevention system will provide an extra layer of security in the ward, enabling midwives to spend more of their time with maternity patients while knowing the new-borns in the ward are protected with the highest level of infant security.

The system, which is scheduled to go live early 2024, will not only be used by the hospital to prevent the risk of stranger abduction but the growing risk of family abduction as well.

Xtag Medical is the #1 trusted partner for the NHS when it comes to protecting new-borns and their families. With over 20 years experience supplying over 60 NHS Trusts and protecting over 300,000 new-borns across the UK annually, our systems are proven to deliver the exceptional maternity ward security standards set out by NHS England and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

For more information about this project, or to schedule a system demonstration for your Trust, contact: info@xtag.co.uk